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Type KAL Krax Light Trader

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Type KAL Krax Light Trader -  Part of a major Krax Confederation government initiative to increase trade along the Krax Long, the blueprints for this design are for sale at all class A starports in the Confederation.  Using a streamlined 100-ton hull, the Type KAL is intended for moving mercantile goods in Jump-1 clusters and mains.  Its jump drive, maneuver drive and power plant are all of the K100 variety, giving performance of Jump-1 and Maneuver-1.  A 20-ton fuel tank provides fuel for the power plant and a single jump-1.  Adjacent to the bridge is a Model 1 computer.  There is only a single stateroom and no low berths, although a power hook-up in the cargo hold allows for the addition of low berths as cargo.  A single turret mounting a pulse laser is installed on the ship's hardpoint.  One air/raft is carried in a specially fitted hangar within the ship.  Cargo capacity amounts to 48.5 tons.  The KAL light trader requires a crew of one, assuming the duties of pilot and engineer (or pilot/gunner as needed).  The ship costs 25.8MCr and requires 10 months construction time.


Most examples of this class have been constructed at the Krax Capital (1120 Glimmerdrift Reaches), but a handful have been built at Abin (2021 Sosie Subsector) to service the worlds of the Abin Cluster, seven worlds beyond the Krax Long.  Subsidies are available for this vessel class, but they are only offered to decorated veterans of the Krax Navy.


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