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Bursa          0202  Darkling Subsector (Glimmerdrift Reaches)   

D5406B5    5                 Non-Industrial                    G


The Bursa System has eight planets of which Bursa itself is the fourth. Three minor airless rocks with statistics of X300000, X300000, and X200000 occupy the first, second, and third orbital positions. Bursa appears to have experienced significant asteroid impacts within the last several millenia, which vaporized what few small seas it once had. Most of the settlers have only been here for a century or so as members of a religious colony. Unconfirmed reports indicate that there was a previous small population here, descended from survivors of the disaster. Nomadic stock-farming supports most of the population, but a small mining community has recently been established quite close to the starport. Bursa has several small ice moons from which fuel is obtained for the starships. The fifth orbital position is occupied by an asteroid belt. The sixth planet is a large gas giant with six satellites ranging in size from 2900 to 98 kilometers in diameter. The seventh and eighth planets are small gas giants with four and two infintesimal, rocky satellites, respectively.


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