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Famous People

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Amal An Yani - a Zultani military commander


Belshlig Hoffensteldt - retired admiral of the Imperial Navy, famous as the Conqueror of Fad'n'ta


Ezmiranda the Dancer - foremost modern practioner of Krax Ballet and generally considered one of the most attractive human females in the Quadrant.


Hro Trien Fu - official in the Chhung Kuo government


Land'Anash - merchant specializing in the transport of live animals, based out of Gaudix Drift subsector of Ley Sector.


Maldrak the Flesh Merchant - slaver operating primarily in the Ginlenchy Concordance, where slavery is legal on many worlds


Mallidon Lass - infamous professional assassin


Menlome - Duke of Jullanar (0404 Ley Sector), 14th cousin to the Emperor


Quintin Quinby - Scout famous for discovering the Pretorian System.  Not too many new systems are charted in this day and age.


Rax Varnan - asteroid miner who made a legendary strike, now a star-hopping playboy


R. J. Gennerthain - major financier in Ley Sector and the Krax Confederation


Thantas Demos - patriarch of one of the foremost mercantile houses in Ley Sector.



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