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Kashgar A 3557B9 B                                                                                                                                            

1205 Maranantha-Alkahest


A regional administrative center of Supraherd T'tnaree, this planet also serves as administrative center for the Blackedge Subsector. This 5,200 kilometer diameter planet is the fourth in a system often. The inner three orbital positions are occupied by planets with statistics of X100000-, X411000--, and E522312 A. The third planet, Kintron, is a mining colony of Kashgar. The fifth and sixth positions are occupied by minor rocks of less than 1,500 km diameter. Seventh position is an asteroid belt. Eighth and ninth positions are gas giants, and the tenth is a frozen rock, stats X410000:-.


The population of Kashgar is primarily Tzee-tch, a minor alien of gatherer descent. Through a special arrangement, this planet was settled in 438 Imperial with only the Tzee-tch. Though populations increased, and settlements spread-over much of the equatorial belt, the colony was not considered a complete success. In 843, arrangeĀ­ments were made with the central government to permit other species of sapients to settle here as well. In the intervening three centuries, Humaniti, Vargr, and other races have settled here, forming the nuclei of four cities and upgrading the spaceport. Two centuries ago, a naval base was established here during a period of heavy Zultani comĀ­merce raids. Agriculture is still the main industry, although an expanded mining program is contemplated.


Canon Discrepancy: Kashgar is also listed as the homeworld and primary population center of the Kancers.  Perhaps the Kancers somehow lost there original homeworld?


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