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Rabigh C 331659   8

0624 Maranantha-Alkahest


The second planet out in a system of five, Rabigh is a small, but typical, member of the Zultan Al Amyi. The innermost planet is a bare rock of 1,800 kilometers diameter; the third orbital position is occupied by an asteroid belt, and the fourth and fifth positions are occupied by gas giants with 7 and 9 small satellites, respectively.


This 5,400 km diameter planet has most of its population spread out in the sub-arctic forest belts where the primary occupation is ranching and herding. Industries are concentrated around the small city which maintains the spaceport. A second, much smaller city exploits a number of mineral deposits. The planet was settled during the first wave of the migration and achieved a Population Level of 8 in three centuries. As more desirable planets were developed, much of the population migrated again. At the present time, major exports are certain rare earth elements for electronics components and refined pharmaceutical raw materials. The technical clans settled at the starport and mining town, dominate the ruling council, and control all trade.


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