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Zultanate Al Amya

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Zultanate Al Amya


"Settled primarily by Humaniti of Solomani extraction, this state deliberately fosters what it considers to be "Ancient Arabik Culture". Internal political cohesion is not high, but individual planets and groups of planets are much more hostile to "outsiders" than each other. Considerable internal squabbling leads to many small groups to declare themselves independent from what little central authority exists and set out to achieve whatever dominion they can at laser's point. This constant habit of armed intrusion upon their neighbors has led said neighbors to remain armed and watchful. Trading vessels in the Zultanate are always very heavily armed. The traditions of hospitality and the honor fo the host are still strong in the Al Amya culture. The more advanced of the planets maintain a quite respectable naval patrol and are very irate about ships that are attacked in their system. Still, there are strong cultural traditions of the "Desert Raiders" and much undercover sympathy for the skillful thief. Only a few planets still adhere strongly to the old religious beliefs, but revival movements are common. In the past, only minor incidents have sparked unification movements of major consequence to the Zultanate and the surrounding interstellar states. The succession is patrilineal although not always by the eldest son. The current Zultan is a political non-entity manipulated by his younger brother. An impartial analysis of the internal situation indicates that the Zultanate is ripe for another religious revival and a holy war directed towards its neighbors."


--Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook


Category: Polities

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