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Yakilnet Subsector

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Yakilnet Subsector


"The Yakilnet Subsector is primarily an open area of independent starsystems with the Zultan Al Amyi claiming nine systems at the coreward edge. These systems include the political capital of the Zultani, Bafq. Sphere Fenix and the Marlan Primate, as well as the Sydymic Empire have blocked expansion efforts in this direction. Military vessels have been sited in this area as of late. This area also is liable to be in contention when next the Zultani move.


Name Hex UWP Base Notes G Al
Chisec 0134 EAAA200-7   Non-industrial,Waterworld G Na
Chahai 0136 X000000-na   Undeveloped   Na
Izabel 0237 D55A435-7   Non-industrial,Waterworld G Na
Gualan 0239 X420000-na   Undeveloped G Na
Hamadan 0331 C365698-8   Agricultural,Non-industrial,Rich G Zu
Ipala 0333 D452474-7   Non-industrial,Poor   Na
Jalapa 0335 X655636-1   Agricultural,Non-industrial A,G Na Amber Zone
Jutiapa 0337 C869673-8   Non-industrial,Rich G Fk
Masajua 0436 B548769-A   Agricultural G Fk
Cuilco 0437 C672529-6   Non-industrial G Fk
Tacana' 0438 F697525-5   Agricultural,Non-industrial   Na
Comalapa 0440 E726374-4   Non-agricultural,Non-industrial   Na
Kashan 0532 C687569-9   Agricultural,Non-industrial G Zu
Ardistan 0533 E375310-7   Non-industrial G Zu
Ocos 0534 E472210-7   Non-industrial   Na
Chilan 0635 C986437-4   Non-industrial G Na
Tenosique 0638 E527304-4   Non-agricultural,Non-industrial G Na
Yezd 0731 C681343-5   Non-industrial   Zu
Bafq 0732 A788999-B N Capital G Zu
Kerman 0734 C383403-9   Non-industrial G Zu
Disful 0831 E756481-3   Non-industrial G Zu
Ariana 0832 C66A303-7   Non-industrial,Waterworld   Zu
Ardebil 0834 C6766B5-5   Agricultural,Non-industrial G Zu
Goumbou 0838 D536366-5   Non-agricultural,Non-industrial   Na
Niono 0840 E774518-4   Agricultural,Non-industrial G Na



The Yakilnet Subsector contains 25 systems with a total population of 884.6 million. The highest Population Level is 9 at Bafq; the highest Tech Level is B, also at Bafq"


--Maranantha-Alkahest Guidebook


Jalapa is listed as an Amber Zone (travellers use caution). No canonical explanation is given for Jalapa's Amber status.


Yakilnet is Subsector M of Maranantha-Alkahest Sector. Neighboring subsectors are Ralmar Subsector to coreward, Ark Subsector of Crucis Margin Sector to rimward, Outworld Subsector of Ley Sector to spinward, and Dawes Subsector to trailing.


Category: Maranantha-Alkahest Subsectors


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