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Union Crucis

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Union Crucis


"Union Crucis also began during the end of the First Imperium as a combination of refugees for self defense purposes. In this area, though, two other major factors came into play, the presence of several minor races of aliens on the planets and the proximity of two separate major races of aliens. Interspecies cooperation and competition has always been present in this area. Humaniti, as the most numerous portion of the population, formed the core around which groups gradually coalesced into larger and larger political units. Open warfare was uncommon, although small skirmishes were frequent among the different Humaniti factions. These four factions are the Suo, Sliv, Cast, and Nar with 27, 19, 28, and 15 systems respectively. Many of the Suo planets have trade relations with the Hv'ika and the Hivers. Most Cast and some Sliv planets trade with the Chhung Kuo and the Two Thousand Worlds. Around a century or so ago an expansionist political party gained prominence in the Nar systems. Unable to expand into the Union, armed incursions were directed into the Mandanin Co-Dominion. At first successful, Co-Dominion counter efforts became more and more forceful, completely halting Nar expansion. Economic pressure upon the Nar by the Suo and Cast to cease expansion was resented by the Nar. Sliv extremist groups also viewed this pressue with extreme disfavor. At the present time internal dissent is at the highest level it has been since the formation of the Union. No faction is yet willing to utilize armed force on each other but political and espionage conflicts are increasing. All political moderates are strongly urging peace and accomodation but the situation is fluid. The Humaniti and all major resident alien political factions are exerting as much calming influence as they can but some unknown factor seems to be agitating for breakup of the Union."


--Crucis Margin Guidebook

Category: Polities

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