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Type LE Corvettes

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Corvette (Type LE)


"A light escort craft displacing 400 tons, this class is equipped with Jump Drive E, Manuever Drive J, and Power Plant J. Performance is 4g maneuver and Jump 2, with 180 tons of fuel giving a range of two Jump 2s. The crew of twelve consists of 2 Pilots, Navigator, Medic, four Engineers, and four Gunners. Four triple turrets are installed, Model 5 computer is fitted and 92 tons of cargo hold are available."


--Ley Sector Guidebook


A low-tech relative of the Close Escorts, in use among the Colonial Fleets.


This ship requires Tech Level 11 shipyards to construct. Since it has no military-grade hardware this design should be available for civilian purchase.


Category: Spaceships

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