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Szechwin Subsector

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Szechwin Subsector


"The Szechwin Subsector is occupied by Range Valyana. This area contains the Tri Capitals, Pachungi and Tekko. Owing to the mobile lifestyle of the Valyana, population levels have never become very high. The subsector also contains seven independent systems. Considerable merchant traffic flows through this region from Ramayan, K'Chemi Centralate, and the Einarchy to Maorin Stat and Supraherd T'tnaree. Not threatened by overt war, this area has nonetheless seen a build-up of security forces since there have been a disturbing number of ship disappearances in the last several years.


Taofu1711C668887-7 Rich Rg
Batang1715X557765-4 AgriculturalGRg
Muli1718B596320-A Non-industrialGRg
Hweili1813C6228A8-7 Rg
Yaan1816C97A663-4 Non-industrial,WaterworldGRg
Santai1819C562556-9 Non-industrialGRg
Pachungi1916A7799A4-ENTri CapitalGRg
Ahpa1920X667250-3 Non-industrial,Desert,PoorGRg
Tehko2011A8797A7-CNTri Capital Rg
Chingte2017C304436-9 Non-industrial,Non-agricultural Rg
Sangpun2112C685413-B Non-industrial Rg
Ningsia2114C784573-7 Agricultural,Non-industrial Rg
Hitso2116B749433-A Non-industrialGRg
Berat2118D656778-6 AgriculturalGNa
Vlone2312D312794-5 Non-agricultural Na
Milos2314D562625-6 Non-industrialGNa
Naxos2319E424569-5 Non-industrial,Non-agricultural Na
Mikinai2414E551443-4 Non-industrial,Poor Na
Nemea2416E8646D0-7 Agricultural,Non-industrialG,RNa
Psari2420X667250-4 Non-industrialGNa


The Szechwin Subsector contains 21 systems with a total population of 750.4 million. The highest Population Level is 9 at Pachungi; the highest Tech Level is E, also at Pachungi"


--Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook


Szechwin is Subsector G of Maranantha-Alkahest Sector. Neighboring subsectors are Taranaki Subsector to coreward, Sudin Subsector to rimward, Khali Subsector to spinward, and Midormega Subsector to trailing.


Note: Nemea is listed as being red-zoned. Who is interdicting this world, and why? Range Valyana and Stasmi Zanya are the prime candidates, though the reach of the Imperium is sufficient to interdict a world parsecs outside its borders. It would require tremendous resources for the Imperium to effectively interdict such a distant world, including perhaps a basing arrangement with the naval facilities at the Valyanish Tri Capitals.


Category: Maranantha-Alkahest Subsectors

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