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Supraherd T'tnaree

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Supraherd T'tnaree


"When first encountered by humans in -2208 Imperial dating the T'tnaree, a sapient gatherer, in cooperation with several other nearby sapient races, were colonizing their adjacent stars with generation ships and cold sleep. With the introduction of the jumpdrive, ships of the T'tnaree soon visited all systems in range and started settlements. They only settled where there were no rival sapients or where arrangements could be made to take local sapients to other colonies in exchange. Supraherd T'tnaree is a confederation of six sapient races of various stocks. Humans who wish to settle are admitted as full citizens. Cooperation is the key concept of T'tnaree philosophy and politics."


--Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook


In addition to the T'tnaree, three other races of the Supraherd have been identified, the Tko'bggi, the Kancers and the Tzee-tch.  There is evidence to suggest that the other two races may be some strain of Humaniti, Vargr or possibly an unidentified centauroid species.

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