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Spinstorme Navigational Hazard

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Spinstorme Navigation Hazard


Location: 0506 Maranantha-Alkahest Sector


UPP: X200000-na


"This system has become known sector-wide as a navigational hazard. The star of this system is a multiple configuration consisting of a paired white dwarf and black hole orbiting a comman center of gravity as they both orbit a red giant. Though there are a number of planets, all have eccentric orbits which are a great distance out from the suns. A considerable amount of "junk" is present in the form of meteor swarms and comets. The planets are minor rocks and gas giants. The system is termed a navigational hazard because of the high density of space junk and one other factor. This other factor is the distrubance of the electro-magnetic and gravity spectrum caused by streams of matter being drawn into the black hole. Communication and sensor scans are affected and become unreliable. Maneuver drives are not affected but the probability of misjump is greatly increased."


--Rogue Moon of Spinstorme

Category: Astrographical Regions

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