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Krmyia Einarchy

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Krymia Einarchy


"The Einarchy is of fairly recent origin, only reaching its present significance two centuries ago. The Krmyia are a minor race of humanoid aspect, originally native to Varna. This area of space was exploited by the Zultanate Al Amya, and Krmyia were exported as cheap slave labor over all the surrounding planetary systems. After several centuries of oppression, the Krmyia revolted and attempted to throw off their masters. The revolt was brutally crushed in spite of loud protests from Ramayan and Range Valyana. A century or so later, a second revolt broke out. Ramayan, Range Valyana, and the K'Chemi Centralate mobilized their fleets and prevented the Zultanate from crushing this revolt. This time the Krmyia won their independence. Development of local technology has been slow. In the meantime mercenary forces were hired from Ramayan to provide protection from the Zultanate. The Krmyia have proven to be much better neighbors than the Zultanate because their philosophy is much more constructive and cooperative. Trade has continually increased since independence, and visitors, other than Zultani, are encouraged."


-Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook


Category: Polities

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