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Krax Confederation

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Krax Confederation


"The Krax Confederation is of respectable age having been formed as a self protection measure during the Civil War in 612-614. This area was originally colonized furing the First Imperium, the Imperial policy being to send political dissidents to these areas where their energy would be constructively diverted to survival. During 700 to 800 the Krax Confederation was a factor in limiting technological degenerence to a minimum level 5 on marginally habitable worlds. Political cohesion lessened as exterior threats slackened. During the expansion in this region of the Imperium after 900 a greater degree of internal solidarity manifested. Several minor attempts at armed expansion by Imperium independent adventurers were beaten off and poltical borders stabilized. A strong central armed service was organized to better coordinate the military actions of the Confederation members. Imperial policy, no longer encouraging expansion in this area, now is emphasizing the establishment of friendly buffer states on the borders. Over the last two decades the Imperium has encouraged private concerns to establish commercial relationships. While still somewhat suspicious of the overall intentions of the Imperium rulers, the central government of the Confederation is willing to make use of whatever technical and military advancements they can."


--Glimmerdrift Reaches Guidebook


The Confederation's passenger transfer system, based upon Brilliant Gem Class Coreships and Sapphire Moon Class Moduleships, is one of more notable success stories in the annals of Imperial/local cooperation in the Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector.


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