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Kinunir Class Cruisers

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Kinunir Class Cruisers

This image is Copyright © 1977 - 2006, Far Future Enterprises All Rights Reserved. Licensed for individual use.

Displacing 1250 tons, these Imperial naval vessels make use of several recent developments in military technology. Their armament consists of two particle cannon turrets supported by 8 banks of dual lasers and two triple missile tubes. Defenses consist of a nuclear damper and a Black Globe Generator, making the Kinunirs the smallest known vessels capable of projecting a Black Globe shield. The model 7 computers installed on the Kinunirs take advantage of the latest advances in Imperial technology. The drives on a Kinunir are capable of producing 4 gees of realspace thrust and 4 parsec hyperjumps.


The Kinunir class cruisers Regal Splendor and Markashi are often seen patrolling the Neutral Zone.


Category: Spaceships


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