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Kancer (Sophont) Synopsis

"'Kancers' is the name used by Humaniti in lieu of a physically unpronouncable triple click and small screech which rapidly ascends into the hypersonic range. The race is one of six which comprise the confederation known as Supraherd T'tnaree in the Maranantha-Alkahest Sector. The major population concentration is the home planet Kashgar (1205) and the other five planets of Tsagon Usu (1207), Tingsin (1404), Uch Turfan (1406), Zilling (1804), and Tangra (1805). The population in Supraherd T'tnaree was estimated to just exceed 9 billion at the latest census. The Kancers are a very prominent element of the commercial activity of the confederation. Their trading vessels ranage as far as adjacent sectors on normal voyages but frequently have been found even farther afield. A second population concentration of Kancers exists in the Yakilnet Subsector of this sector; it is the Flock Ktani"


"The Kancers are considered to be descended from gatherer-type omnivore stock. They have warm-blooded bodies with three pairs of jointed limbs. The anterior pair of limbs has been specialized for fine manipulation as has a pair of small feelers situated on either side of the sideways-operating mandibles. Though possessed of an internal bony skeleton, the exterior of the body is covered with horny plates on the torso and head, and the limbs covered with dense fur. The posterior and middle pair of limbs have both hoove-like walking surfaces and gripping ability. The anterior limbs are used primarily for manipulation but also have a small, hoove-like remnant which serves as a natural weapon. Clothing is worn only for physical protection from the environment; ornamentation is limited to metallic decorations set in the horny body plates which also serve as attachment points for carrying equipment. The Kancers are bisexual, lay eggs, and form family groups based upon the number six. The general racial profile tends towards non-aggresive, cooperative activity although subgroups exist which differ significantly. For Traveller game mechanics, the statistics of the average Kancers are 768787."

-- Library Data from Darkling Ship


Kancer (Sophont) Physiology & Environment (Ecology)



Kancer (Sophont) History & Background (Dossier)



Kancer (Sophont) Psychology & Philosophy (Mindset)



Kancer (Sophont) Society & Culture (Ethnology)



Kancer (Society) Social Organization



Kancer (Sophont) Government & Politics (Leadership)

In addition to the T'tnaree, three other races of the Supraherd have been identified, the Tko'bggi, the Kancers and the Tzee-tch.  There is evidence to suggest that the other two races may be some strain of Humaniti, Vargr or possibly an unidentified centauroid species.


Kancer (Sophont) Language & Letters (Communication)



Kancer (Sophont) Calendar & Timekeeping (Chronology)



Kancer (Sophont) Technology & Trade (Economy)



Kancer (Sophont) Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)




Category: Alien Races

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