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K'Chemi Centralate

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K'Chemi Centralate


"Settled primarily by 'Afrin' refugees from the break-up of the Rule of Man (the Second Imperium - ed.), this political grouping was extremely nebulous up until several centuries ago. Only a loose trade confederation, it combined its individual system navies to assist Ramayan and Range Valyana in freeing the Krmyia Einarchy from Zultanate Al Amyi. Since that time, a greater degree of central government has fostered more internal trade and an active piracy suppression campaign. Some foreign mercenaries are hired for training local forces, but overall policy is defensive rather than expansionist."

--Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook


The policy-setting body of the Centralate is known as the High Council.


Category: Polities


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