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The Imperium

Imperial Sunburst

The Imperial Sunburst

The largest polity in Charted Space, 11 centuries old, consisting of over 10,000 member worlds. Sometimes called the 3rd Imperium as it is the third such polity to occupy roughly the same area of space.


According to the Ley Sector Guidebook two great noble Houses wield much power in Ley Sector, the M'lar and the Minnara.


Imperium involvement in the Glimmerdrift Reaches


"Interest in this sector breaks down into two separate areas of interest due to the Imperium only making minor encroachments in two widely separated areas. Coreward are a dozen or so systems in the Thorstone and Tri-Empire subsectors which are extensions of the Outreaumer and Diamond-Prince subsectors of the Ley sector. In the spinward rim corner Verge Subsector contains a significant Imperial presence.


Though past policies had encouraged armed expansion by independent commercial interests, lack of success has led to a recent change. Policy is now to encourage the formation of friendly buffer states on the borders. Participation in technical exchange programs and cooperative business ventures is being encouraged. Over the last several decades as direct military pressure on the Imperial border has eased, most large naval units were deployed elsewhere. Specialist frontier units, including the Lightning Class Cruisers, supplemented by Provincial Armed Forces and commercial mercenary security units now provide the major military presence. Stable allies on this frontier permit major Imperial forces to be stationed closer to other higher threat areas. Imperial Security, though, is very active in this area to keep the situation stable."


--Glimmerdrift Reaches Guidebook


Imperium involvement in the Crucis Margin


"No worlds in this sector owe allegiance to the Imperium although most systems have a majority population of Humaniti. Imperial interests are furthered through commercial and political activity. Client states, especially Sphere Fenix, have been encouraged to act as Imperial surrogates."


--Crucis Margin Guidebook


Imperium involvement in Maranantha-Alkahest Sector


"No worlds in this sector owe direct allegiance to the Imperium, although most systems have a majority population of humans. Imperial policies are furthered through overt commercial and political activity, as well as covert actions. Ramayan has been active in the past in Imperial interests, and Maorin Stat cooperates from time to time."


--Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook


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