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Crucis Margin Sector

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Crucis Margin Sector




"The Crucis Margin is located slightly rimward from the center of the trailing edge of the Imperium. No system in this sector owes direct allegiance to the Emperor though mutual non-agression pacts exist. The Crucis Margin is one of the group of sectors of mixed client states known collectively as the Gateway Quadrant. This area of mixed states separates the Imperium from the domains of the Hive Federation and the Two Thousand Worlds. The sector name is derived from the largest independent state in the sector, the Union Crucis."


--Crucis Margin Guidebook


Alternate names for this sector include Fangten Down and Starbeach. K'Kree charts refer to this region of space as Griip sector. Vilani charts use the label Amiigimigga sector.

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