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Chhung Kuo

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Chhung Kuo


"Chhung Kuo is a term from an ancient Solomani language meaning 'Middle Kingdom'. It too was established close to the end of the First Imperium by refugees from the turmoil. In order to unite disparate elements, a deliberate attempt was made to establish a revival of the 'Golden Age of Chinese Culture'. Though primarily settled by Humaniti of Solomani ancestry, a significant minority of the population is composed of resident alien members of the minor races. Philosophy is directed towards constructive cooperation with a conservative respect for tradition. Both the Humaniti and the minor races maintain universal military training for self defense but seldom serve as or hire mercenaries. Trade is encouraged and a high degree of interest is maintained in technical progress. Diplomatic policy is defensive and mutual non-aggression pacts have been concluded with all neighboring states."


--Crucis Margin Guidebook

Category: Polities


Illustration: "Taikonaut" by Long Ouyang


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