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Judges Guild published 20 products approved for use with Traveller.


Sector Books

  • Crucis Margin
  • Glimmerdrift Reaches
  • Ley Sector
  • Maranantha - Alkahest Sector



  • Amycus Probe - Part 1 of the "Border Prowler" series
  • Rogue Moon of Spinstorme - Part 2 of the "Border Prowler" series
  • Darkling Ship - Part 3 of the "Border Prowler" series
  • Corsairs of the Turku Waste
  • Darthanon Queen
  • Doom of the Singing Star
  • Dra'k'ne Station
  • Marooned on Ghostring
  • Simba Safari
  • Tancred
  • Waspwinter



  • Fifty Starbases
  • Navigator's Starcharts
  • Starships & Spacecraft
  • The Traveller Logbook
  • Traveller Referee Screen


Non-approved/non-canonical sci-fi material produced by Judges Guild

  • Astrogator's Chartbook - blank starmaps
  • Imperial Infantry Squad - wargame
  • Laser Tank - miniatures rules
  • Tarlkin's Landing - small spaceport
  • Empires in Space - details Tagret Sector, an unofficial alternate to Maranatha-Alkahest Sector published in Pegasus #9
  • Power Play - a short adventure set in Verge Subsector of the Glimmerdrift Reaches, also in Pegasus #9 


External Links

TravellerBibliography.org: Judges Guild

Judges Guild Codex:SciFi

Judges Guild at the Acaeum


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