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Blackedge Subsector

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Blackedge Subsector


"The Blackedge Subsector is located in the Lesser Rift, and what administrative services are available are provided by the Supraherd T'tnaree through Kashgar in the Kma Subsector. The Imperium maintains only a loose surveillance of the area and occasionally subsidizes an observer on the T'tnaree scout patrols. A notable navigational hazard exists in the Spinstorme system which discourages navigation in this area.


Name Hex UWP BASE Notes G Al
Luangue 0106 X628657-2 Non-Industrial G Na
Cloud 0201 X7A9617-4 Non-Industrial G Na
Shade 0307 X685303-3 Non-Industrial Na
Lorn 0403 X575675-4 Agricultural,Non-Industrial G Na
Pitch 0409 E466779-6 Agricultural,Rich Na
Spinstorme 0506 X200000-x Binary w/Black Hole G Na
Mirk 0602 X5A8333-2 Non-Industrial Na
Lurid 0708 C000789-8 Asteroid Mining G Na
Trom 0803 X545754-5 Agricultural Na


The Blackedge Subsector contains 9 systems with a total population of 24.7 million. The highest Population Level is 7 at Pitch, Lurid, and Trom; the highest Tech Level is 8 at Lurid"


--Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook


Blackedge is Subsector A of Maranantha-Alkahest Sector. Neighboring subsectors are Tamnai Subsector of Star's End Sector to coreward, Skelmore Subsector to rimward, Zagrathian Subsector of Ley Sector to spinward, and Kma Subsector to trailing.


Category: Maranantha-Alkahest Subsectors


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