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Adjacent Sectors

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Sectors Adjacent to the Gateway Quadrant

The map below shows the sectors immediately adjacent to the Gateway Quadrant, which is outlined in green.


Gateway Quadrant and adjacent sectors


This map is Copyright © 1977 - 2006, Far Future Enterprises All Rights Reserved. Licensed for individual use.




1 Antares - Composed primarily of Imperial worlds (including the semi-autonomous League of Antares), this region also contains some Vargr Enclaves and a few member-states of the Julian Protectorate. Neither the League nor the Protectorate have any direct contact with the worlds of the Quadrant.


2 Empty Quarter - A branch of the Lesser Rift divides this sector. The rimward portion is Imperial, notable for containing the homeworld of the Bwaps. The coreward worlds are are part of the Vargr Enclaves.


3 Star's End - Almost entirely empty Rift, containing a few Vargr Enclave worlds, some client systems of the Two Thousand Worlds, and some member-planets of Supraherd T'tnaree.


4 Muupir - This sector is dominated by the Two Thousand Worlds and its client states. The Lords of Thunder control a roughly subsector-sized portion of this region.


5 Fornast - This sector is part of the Third Imperium. Many Imperial consumer goods flow through this sector into Ley Sector and from thence into the rest of the Quadrant.


6 Carmuur States - The Two Thousand Worlds and Taquari' Comnate each control roughly one quarter of the worlds in this sector, the balance of worlds in the sector are split between two smaller polities or are otherwise independent.


7 Delphi - This sector is part of the Third Imperium. The majority of the Delphic Void is located in this sector.


8 Ikabraxis - The two great powers of the Two Thousand Worlds and Hive Federation both occupy parts of this sector, with the rest of the worlds occupied by Hv'ika Kamlin, one of several several smaller states, or otherwise independent.


9 Old Expanses - The lion's share of this sector is claimed by the Imperium, with a smaller Solomani presence, and some non-aligned worlds.


10 The Hinterworlds - Most of the worlds of this sector are indepedent. Approximately a subsector's worth of world's participate in the Anubian Trade Coalition and a similar amount are adherents of the Rm Nai. A handful of worlds in the spinward-coreward corner of the sector are part of the Solomani Confederation.


11 Leonidae - Includes the plurality of worlds belonging to the Rm Nai Adherence and a few Hv'ika Kamlin planets, but most of the systems remain independent.


12 Extolian - This sector is dominated by the Hive Federation with a few worlds belonging to the Hv'ika Kamlin.


The Gateway Quadrant Canon contains no material discussing sectors outside the Quadrant. The information on this page is derived from mainstream Traveller sources.


The above map is based upon a graphic available courtesy Joshua Bell, maintainer of the excellent online interactive Traveller Map.


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