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Page history last edited by Jeff Rients 1 year, 3 months ago

Uaboe C965669-A

0601 Crucis Margin


A relatively large sized World, with a planetary diameter of 19,000 kilometers and a planetary circumference of 59,660 kilometers.  The atmosphere comes close to the standard rating, with a marginally higher oxygen content as the major difference.  Approximately 50% of the planet surface is comprised of low salt 'ocean'.  The land masses are thickly covered with jungle-like growth.  Surprisingly, no sentient life forms were discovered by the Survey Vessels, so little time was wasted in establishing refineries to extract vast Petroleum deposits.  Large area in each of the five Climate Zones have been set aside as preserves for indigenous life.  Small portions of these reserves are in use as resorts for travellers with a small amount of hunting permitted to the more influential guests.


Uaboe is a member-world of Sphere Fenix.


Category: Worlds

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