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The Tech Guild

Page history last edited by Jeff Rients 3 years, 3 months ago

On many independent worlds and all but the most xenophobic of polities, operational responsibility for construction, maintenance, and repairs at spaceports of class D or above falls under the purview of the Technos, members of the Tech Guild.  Each Techno demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of a vast array of starship technical systems, far beyond that of engineers trained by naval, merchant, or scout academies.  Although much of the Tech Guild's terminology--especially its byzantine hierarchy based on a bewildering array of credentials, certificates, and degrees--is clearly Solomani in origin, the Guild claims a line of technical descent from the Ancients themselves.


Most of the above is derived from page XX of Fifty Starbases.  That sources uses the word "Techmen" instead of "Technos" (a term borrowed from Dave Hargrave's Arduin Trilogy).  The former term seems unnecessarily sexist to the present editor. 


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